Baker was founded in 1999 by Birdhouse rider Andrew Reynolds. The brand came around the time of Piss Drunx - a Huntington Beach skate crew - with Ali Boulala, Jim Greco, Erik Ellington and Dustin Dollin. Over the years Bakers video output has helped them become one of the most popular brands in skateboarding. Baker Bootleg, Baker 2G, Baker 3 and then Baker has a Deathwish, which launched their sister brand Deathwish. Both brands come come out of Baker Boys Distribution, also home to Shake Junt, Psockadelic, Heroin, Birdhouse and Sour. Current team riders include Andrew Reynolds, Dustin Dollin, Bryan Herman, Justin Figueroa, Theotis Beasley, Jacopo Carozzi, Riley Hawk, Sammy Baca, Rowan Zorilla, Kevin Spanky Long, Tristan Funkhouser, Zach Allen and Casper Brooker.




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