Last Resort AB VM001 Skate Shoes - Mustard Yellow

Last Resort AB VM001 Skate Shoes - Mustard Yellow

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Last Resort AB

VM001 Skate Shoes

Colour - Mustard Yellow 

Words From The Brand:

We have modified the shape of the last to ensure a better snug fit where it matters most.

The Sole: We have created a sole pattern with great grip and stability in mind. as an added  bonus all angles are slanted in a way that does not collect're welcome. 

The Foxing tape: We have fine turned the thickness and height of the tape to ensure great flexibility and board feel, it's truly a Millimeters game that matters.

The Upper and laces: Panels in the danger zone are reinforced with double stitching. Our structured laces are made of 100% cotton, which will age and tear more gracefully than any poly-mix laces, they will also stay in place better than the synthetic alternative. 

These shoes are made for skateboarders around the world 

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