Chico Stix

Chico Brenes is an Embarcadero OG who moved to the US from Nicaragua back in 1985, when he was 9 years old. In San Francisco during 1988, Chico sees some kids skating on a quarter pipe and he is drawn in. By 1997 Brenes earned the cover of Thrasher Magazine and had sponsorships from companies like Chocolate, DVS and LRG. His phenomenal style combined with his technical trick selection is a thing of beauty  Chico Brenes is also the first Nicaraguan Pro Skateboarder. His iconic part in the first FTC video incorporating Sade's 'Smooth Operator' is required watching for any skateboarder, containing probably the best noseslide ever done on a ledge.

These Days Chico has been experimenting with different sizes and shapes of boards for a few years now Which we present to you as Chico Stix.



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