Antihero is the mastermind of OG skateboarder Julien Stranger. He built a skate collective from the gnarliest skateboarders out there.

 Antihero Skateboards is considered to be one of the finest skateboard brands and teams in skateboarding. Antihero is straight up legit and puts all the raw aspects of skateboarding to the fore. Rumour has it, Antihero was formed out of a conversation with Julien Stranger complaining to Jim Thiebaud (Deluxe owner) about how skateboarding was "stale". Thiebaud gave him the offer of trying to change things for himself and Antihero was born. He set about this challenge with very little brand planning, only that skateboarders were the underdogs of society. Julien Stranger built a team comprising of skaters such as John Cardiel, Bob Burnquist, Andy Roy, Frank Gerwer, Tony Trujillo, and Peter Hewitt who all embodied the mindset and ethos of what Antihero was all about.

The Team currently boasts 3 Thrasher skaters of the year in Grant Taylor, Brian Anderson and Tony Trujillo. Also rippers such as Raney Beres, Daan Van Der Linden, Chris Pfanner.



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