Vans Sk8 Hi Retrospect and Review

Vans Sk8 Hi - Top Shoes

The Vans Sk8 Hi is a classic piece of footwear that has truly withheld the test of time. It's a stylish number that looks great not only on the shelf of your local skate store, but also fastened to your feet. 

Of course we all know the Vans has been 'Off the wall' since 19 M******F******ing 66, but you might not know the story behind how these particular high topped skate boots came about... Well... back in 1967, Steve Van Doren was renowned for his burger flipping techniques, much like he is today and he would tour all across SoCal, frequenting pool parties and beach social clubs showing off his spatula skills. Everyone loved him and would whoop with joy at the site of his 180, 360 and even 540 burger flips. Grease was in the air and the public were well fed. However, unfortunately for Steve, he saw his bbq career as short lived because whilst being a true showman at the grill, in order to pull of his signature moves he would often spill oil and grease down the side and 9 times out of 10 it would splash up onto his ankles. This was true agony for Steve. He tried swapping ankle socks for knee highs, but it still burnt through. He tried wearing two pairs at once, but still, the hot oil penetrated the cotton and seared his poor skin. He couldn't take it much more and was on the verge of packing in his apron and spatula when a young man named Steve caballero spotted him wince at one of his 'flip offs'. Stevie Cab was a clever chap and realised right away what the issue was. He pointed out that his shoes were just too low and that for the necessary ankle protection of any extreme activity he would require some sort of sneaker that rode up a little higher. So Steve VD and Stevie Cab got in touch with Steve's older brother Paul who happened to own a hot new shoe company - VANS. They presented their predicament and within a week, Paul returned with what he called the Sk8-Hi. 'SK8' because it was for Spillage Keeping and it was the 8th attempt at this new technology, and 'Hi' because they're High Tops, duh. Steve and Stevie rejoiced at the tremendously stylish and functional piece of footwear and got themselves several pairs each.

In the 70's skateboarders mistook the SK8-Hi as a shoe designed specifically for them and adopted them as their own. Despite being oblivious to the original kitchen safety functionality of the shoes, they actually worked out to be perfect for shredding! Since then Paul and Steve at Vans have worked hard to keep skateboarders on their side by making them more and more skatable as the years have gone by. 

Now in the 21st Century, the Vans Sk8-Hi has all sorts of features to keep your feet comfy on your skateboard. With Classic waffle grip and the Ultra Cush HD insole footbed giving you ultimate board feel. The body of the shoe is made from a mixture of canvas and suede for excellent breathability. Of course there's the classic Vans side stripe and they go all the way up your ankle... but if that doesn't float your boat, you can always cut them down. They're an incredibly versatile shoe!

Below you'll see some Sk8ers thoroughly enjoying their Sk8 His

Jim Thiebaud out in da streets! Trouser game strong! Shoe game stronger!!!!

Jay Smith smith grinding higher than his head, true layback! apologies for the watermark.... the pic was too good not to include! Waffle grip in yo face

Stevie Cab fully braided - classic covers, classic shapes, classic kicks

Mike McGill performs some sort of upside down aerial sorcery, it's all in the feet

Holmes staring you out, checkers me out!

Young Grossini blasting 

Not so young Grosso planting
Another Cab frontside beaut! Firing upside down across the channel. Always keeping it Hi!

one more of cab ... you get the idea, he like's sk8 hi's and so do we! Please purchase ;)


Article By Ben Broyd



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