'Top 3' With Moggins - @MOGGINS - Photo By Rich West

'TOP 3' With Moggins

Warehouse Staff Member & Ex Death Skateboards Rider Moggins Takes a Break From Gripping Your Board To Let You Know What's Good!

Travel Destinations
Malmo, Leipzig, New York

Pizza, Cereal, Goulash

Jason Adams, Andrew Reynolds, Grant Taylor

TV Shows
Beavis & Butthead, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Young Ones

Trip Essentials
Blow Up Pillow, Foam Roller, Toothbrush

Black Metal Albums
Abyssic Hate - Suicidal Emotions, Immortal - Sons Of Northern Darkness, Devil Master - Manifestations

Nutrition On The Road
Bread & Hummus, Cold Cans Of Food, Warm Cans Of Beer

Skate Brands
$lave, Polar, Hockey

Things You Hate
Bigotry, Being Injured, Smith Grinds Where The Board Doesn't Touch The Ledge

Best Tricks You've Witnessed
Neil Smith Boardslide The Rail At Livi Fun Day, Rob Smith Blunt Pull In On The Big Quarter At The House Comp, Grant Taylor Skating Ideal Mini Ramp

Thanks! Any Last Words

Never Quit Skating. Once You Quit, You've Blown It!



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