Fissure Time is a full Length skate vid by the silent but deadly Frank O’Driscoll filmed over the last couple of years. Its a solid fucking video so kick back with a nice drink and watch it fosho....well done Frank!!!


 Tom O’DriscollJohn Onyehara, Alexis Jamet, Rasheed Osman, Jay Bex, Matt Chapman, Vic Camilleri, Peter Whetstone, Izaac Cruikshank, Gordo, Mark PritchardShaun CurrieDead Dave, Evan Majumder-Swift, Will Beaumont, Jashan Walton, Dougal Shakespeare, Ted Mitchell, Harry Shaw, Liad Pitcho, Gerry Duxbury-Varas, Frank O’Donnell, Harry McCormick, Luke Pont, Ash Humphrey, Danny Abel, Alex Malcolm, Ed Harris, Harry Gerrard and Cass Doig.

Filmed and edited by Frank O’Donnell, with Frank’s part filmed by Harry McCormick, Ted Mitchell, Tom O’Driscoll, Evan Majumder-Swift, Mark Pritchard, Cass Doig, Ed Harris and Harry Gerrard....Other additional filming – Zach McAdam and Harry Gerrard.



Sold Out