Everything's Going To Be Allllright...

Heroin Skateboards has been one of our favourite companies for a very long time and still is to this day. Mark "Fos" Foster created Heroin in 1998 and has since delivered us some of the greatest skateboarding videos of all time, along with an incredibly diverse team of weirdos.

Scroll down to watch some of our favourite sections and full length videos from Heroin.

Let's kick it off with Chris Pulman's part from the "LFA" video (just because it's my personal favourite): 

Deer Man of Dark Woods part from Heroins 2004 masterpiece "Magic Sticky Hand" made a lot of people get up and attempt to skate a barrier... and quickly made us realise it was incredibly hard to do so:

Fast forward a couple of years, introduce a few good no complies (especially the last one), a banging Eagulls song and you've got Rogie:

Remember Colin Fiske? That reaaaally tall guy? Yeah, his part in "Magic Sticky Hand" is still one of the best parts Heroin ever released. Since this video also has Roe and Monie's part included, you might as well watch it all:

Let's not forget about the man himself. Fos is rad and has never lost his vision of what a fun company should represent. That's why we love Heroin. Without a doubt, his "LFA" part is still his greatest part ever released. Plus, its got a GWAR song: 

 If you're a fan of Chopper, then chances are you've tried to do as many power slide reverts as possible. Chopper, DAL and the Osaka Daggers keep skateboarding raw and fun and should be what every skate crew aims to be. Chopper was Heroin's first ever professional skateboarder:

A video part without a single ollie? That's right. Gou Miyagi is a rail god and most certainly filled up his special meter with grinds. His Video Nasty part was a huge change in direction from his previous video parts. Dig a little deeper, watch his Far East Skate Network parts, especially his "Overground Broadcasting" part and lay witness to absolute rail annihilation:

Now, go do some research and watch more amazing Heroin videos.
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